Supporting young people to pursue sports and the arts

The Willow Scholarship is a £500 cash grant open to young people pursuing extracurricular opportunities that would otherwise not be open to them.

Why extracurricular matters

Sports and the arts have the ability to transform young lives. Taking part in any kind of extracurricular pursuit to a high level requires commitment and discipline.

But you always get more out of it than you put in. In the short term this can be developing the ability to focus, being in a positive social environment and having fun.

But the long term impact is often overlooked. Confidence, communication skills, and the grit required to see difficult things through compound over time. These attributes impact careers, relationships, and communities in profound ways.

Too often, participating in extracurricular activities is restricted to those with parents who can afford the additional expense.

The Willow Scholarship

The Willow Scholarship is a privately funded award aimed at supporting young people to pursue extracurricular opportunities that they would otherwise not be able to.

The scholarship was established in memory of William Chubb, who discovered and developed a great talent for music in his short life and found great joy in pursuing it.

The scholarship is a £500 cash grant that can be used to support the pursuit of extracurricular activities in a way that would not be possible without financial support.

The scholarship can be used to fund equipment, advanced coaching or tuition, entry into a competition, a trip or tour, or any other reasonable expense related to pursuing the activity.

All applications are reviewed on a case by case basis and at least one award will be made per year.

How to apply

The scholarship is open to individuals who are ordinarily resident in the UK aged 13 – 21.

Organisations who can demonstrate that the funding will be used to directly benefit young people will also be considered.

To apply, write a personal statement detailing why you are applying for the scholarship, what you would like to achieve in your chosen field, and how the scholarship will support you to achieve it.

Applicants under the age of 18 also need to provide a supporting statement signed by a parent, guardian, teacher, tutor or coach.

Applications should be emailed to: